When looking through Softer World’s work, I wanted to create a story which most people can relate to. In this case, it would be the desire for an event to happen. Many people have come across this sensation in which we turn our phones on in order to receive a text message or a phone call from someone whether it is from a family member or a dear person to us. I believe, with technology rapidly advancing, that we rely much on the use of phones and social networks in order to communicate rather than face to face conversation. As a result, this has inspired me to create a story, with a melancholic and pessimistic view, of this situation. I chose to portray it in this way, as it is the feeling and mood I got from looking at the Softer World’s work.


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  1. David Morgen - September 26, 2017 at 2:07 am Reply

    Nice job, Cristina. I think this is a fairly simple but clever take on the triptych. I wonder if you could do something a little more unexpected with the last panel? You’ve got a clear beginning, middle, and end here but it moves in such a linear fashion — twisting in a slightly more unexpected way at the end might create a much more powerful effect for your readers.

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