Shrek 2

For this Movie Montage, I decided to do Shrek 2 as it is an animated movie and thought that it would be colorful and lively.

When watching the movie, I found the colors to be vibrant unlike other movies. Most of the environment was green with colors of blue and red. Nevertheless, when looking at the movie Montage it looks, in general, rather dark despite my impressions. There is a pattern in which there is a switch of environment. One would be in nature and very vibrant and the other would be during the night and inside the city and castle.

When creating this Montage, I had a lot of problems trying to convert it into an mp4 file.However, at the library, they explained to me step by step how to do it. Afterwards, I encountered difficulties when trying to set up the VLC for the screenshots to be taken. After figuring out the settings, the last step which was to upload the file into application online was straightforward.

Overall, this movie is quite colorful but has darker moments than I would have expected. I find it interesting that this could serve as a summary or a bar code for a movie. In some movies, we can see from the Montages that there are clear patterns that I would have missed if I had just watched the movie.


Flickr- “Shrek 2” by Macinplay

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