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Flickr- “Mobility” by Naufragus Simia

As we discussed in class on the 13th of November, I am divided between two aspects of the group project which would be the data visualization and to analyze the data and the creation of a personal narrative.

I would be very interested in either generating a piece of visualization for the project by analyzing different sections of the data that we have available or to create personal narratives where the sub-group would interview several people and collect information from them.

My assigned work on the “Equality of Opportunity Project” was the data visualization where I looked at statistics of “Unsung heroes” such as Pace University and California State University. I looked at various tables that globally encompassed mobility rates of students. These were compared to their parents’. Our project explored how Unsung heroes compared to Emory University and what made them different. I decided to analyze statistics because I think that they are more objective and thus represent the reality in an unbiased way. However, like other sections of the project such as the narratives, the data can have some flaws which can occur when they are collected.

Cristina- “Bar chart for Equality of Opportunity Project”

Overall, I think that the data visualization fits me better as I think that I can analyze numbers well and thus provide context and explain them in a good way. This project took into account several learning outcomes where one of the major ones was critical thinking. Furthermore, there was great collaboration in this project as we analyzed each other’s work and corrected if needed to. As a result, the tasks were not individualized and we all got to work on several parts of the project.

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