Soul Pancake

Flickr- Alfrink, Kars “Looking forward to tonight’s pancakes”

When choosing the subject of our Podcast, we looked through the provided list and went through all of the recommended websites. For some reason, Soul Pancake struck out to us for its entertainment videos and originiality as well as its inspiration. During our first meeting, we discussed the different matters we wished to touched. At first , we started off by the convergence culture but decided to coin the term “Spredability” by Henry Jenkins for this episode. As a result, both the producer and co-producer met on a regular basis in order to work on  the project together. There wasn’t a clear division a work, just a collaboration where we would brainstorm our ideas and work simultaneously on a Google document.

The goal of this Podcast was to take Soul Pancake as a new media element and bring in elements of old media and contrast them. Furthermore, we desired to convey the originality of Soul Pancake and how it “spreads”. In order to reach to the audience, we tried to make jokes along the way and include a segment au audio from the Kitten therapy video we chose to analyze. These brief moments, I believe, serve as a relief from the heavy discussion we made.

One of the main challenges that arose was the flow of the discussion. At first, we tried to create an outline without scripting the Podcast. But we soon understood that we made long pauses and we would be confused. As a result, we scripted some of the discussion but not all of it in order to achieve a better flow.

If we had more time, we would edit the audio of the podcast better. For example, we tried to make the sound of the video clip of kitten therapy fade instead of just having an abrupt transition between it and our discussion.

While producing this podcast, the major learning outcome for me was critical thinking and how to apply theory to practical concept. It was challenging at first, as we have to relate the reading which is quite complex and use it as a lens in order to explore the nature of a new media. Another one would be collaboration as we had to make decisions as a group over which content to include or not. As we worked through the plan, we realized some of the points we made earlier has to be altered and we had to decide in which way we should change them.

Overall, this podcast has allowed me to gain skills with technical softwares but also practicing to turn writing into a verbal work.

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