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For this PodCast, Dami and I decided to investigate the usefulness of interactive cinema. For this we used the example of Puss in Books: Stuck in an Epic Tale. This interactive animated children’s show allows the viewer to choose between two choices which makes it interactive. We included arguments such as the sleeper curve and  that the viewer is not passive unlike in old media.

When producing this podcast, we decided to script the text. My fear was that we would sound to mechanical and not be engaging with the listener. In order to correct this, we tried to incorporate jokes in the podcast to make it more entertaining. Even if everything was scripted, I still made mistakes in my speech and gave false information such as saying a wrong number which discredits the argument.

If I were to do this Podcast again, I would try to not script the whole text and be more spontaneous. However, the challenge I may face is the one of having to think and leave a blank space in between conversations which breaks down the rhythm of the Podcast. Nevertheless, that could be edited. Another challenging aspect would be to master the interface of Audacity where I only have acquire the basics.

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