For this assignment of Visual Notetaking, I decided to do on my class notes about Frankenstein in my Literature and Science class. At first, I was not sure how to approach this assignment as I tried to maintain the visual aspect of the model we were given. However, I found it very complicated to do so. As a result, I maintained my traditional notetaking style which would be bullet points of the essential information and color coding along with some drawings where possible. As I completed the assignment, I realized that there different ways in note taking. When I first experienced with more drawings, when revising the notes, I would not remember what I meant in each context specifically. As a result, I tried to include words in the notes. In the end, it seems that there are mostly words and not artistic aspect such as drawings.

Overall, this assignment allowed me to experience with different forms of note taking until I found the one that was suitable for me.

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