How Mindful Am I?…

For this assignment, I decided to explore my mindfulness as I have noticed that I can be inattentive. In order to measure this concept, I chose the following five variables:

  1. How many times I found myself distracted from Studying and Writing
  2. How many times I have lost track of exercise(working out) when being distracted
  3. How many times I have taken off my headphones
  4. How many times I asked someone to repeat what they just said
  5. How many times I ask professors a question about their topic

These were all recorded in a day.


At first, I wanted to include a rating scale where I would rank how I would feel towards my environment at the beginning of the day and at the end. However, I realized that this rating would be greatly biased and tried to have more objective data such as quantitative data.

As a student, I study a lot but can never do so in my room. As a result, I either go to coffee shop or the library. I chose this variable as I believe that writing engages my critical thinking process and I become more mindful about my thoughts and thus state. I marked every time I would be distracted and where my attention would shift to another task. The most common ones were where I was changing one song to which I was listening to and the other one was to be distracted when someone would come up to me and make conversation. I found myself to be very distracted. Obviously, some days more often than others. For example, on Sunday I did not study and thus I was not distracted. I can also see that Sunday can be considered one of my less productive days. Thus, according to these variables my mindfulness is low. On Saturday, I went to the library and was not as distracted while on the other days I went to the coffee shop.

For the second variable, there were three days during the week where I did not go to the gym and thus there is no measure. While working out, I found that I was distracted but not as much as when studying. I was more focused on my self and aware of my body and its limits which I believe is a component in mindfulness.

For the third variable, I recorded how many times I took off my headphones during the day. I decided upon this variable as many people have commented that they never see me without my headphones on. When looking at this bar chart, I realize that I almost never take my headphones off. I think that having headphones one isolates me and thus is a barrier on my mindfulness and awareness of my surroundings.

This can be linked to the other variable where I recorded how many times I asked someone to repeat what they had just said. Usually, this happened when I had my headphones on and didn’t hear them at first.

The last variable is the one where I recorded how many questions I asked in class. It didn’t come as a surprise to me that there were not a lot. I challenged myself to come out of my comfort zone and participate in class. Nevertheless, depending on the class, my mind would shift to other matters such as my plan for the day and what I have to do. I believe that being immersed in a class allows me to have the most experience out of it and learn as much as possible. I believe that mindfulness is when we actively stimulate our minds to resolve issues brought in class by participating.

Overall, I would say that I am not as mindful as I thought I was according to these variables. Nevertheless, I believe I can improve and try to engage more with my environment.

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