For this Cinemagraph, I decided to film my own. For the constant motion, I decided to film typing. As I am alway in the library and constantly typing, I wanted to create a narrative which everyone can picture themselves into.

When using Photoshop for this assignment, I encountered more difficulties than expected. I went to the library but they didn’t seem to know how to use Photoshop and thus didn’t get any help from them. I searched Youtube tutorials which were clear. The most challenging part was to try to choose the frame or starting point for my cinemagraph. When I first did it, there was an overlap where the loop was not done well. However, as I tried to work through it and ran several trials I finally managed to have a decent product.

When looking at the Conemagraph, I find myself shaking too much and thus impeding the perfect still loop motion that is found in a Cinemagraph. Nevertheless, the I find the final product to be satisfactory.


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