For this sketch, I decided to do the decomposition of elements for the Literacy Narrative which I find to be one of the major assignments.

Looking at the example of cocktaile, I was confused at first on how to approach the assignment and what to include. However, I reflected upon the process of my writing of the literacy narrative and decided to visually represent implicit concepts that were used during the essay.


When writing the essay, I first brainstormed a while for some ideas which is represented by the brain.  I looked at pictures online to see if some would trigger memories. When looking at a Playstation picture, I remembered that it was one of my first interaction with technology. Thus I depicted that the “CC” logo gave me an idea  which lead to my brainstorming. After setting my ideas, I started to question how they affected me and if they were worthwhile to discuss in this essay. This used critical thinking and finally allowed me to structure my essay along with some creativity to choose what kind of pictures I would add.

The “Details” sections describes how the composition interacts and how I put them in place. With critical thinking and questioning that I used in the initial section “Composition”, it gave me direction as to where my essay was headed and what kind of audience it targeted which can be seen through the drawings of arrows.

The “Product” section demonstrates how the final product looks relating to its composition. There are different sections in my essay and each block represents how one leads to another and thus how they are linked. In each step, I questioned myself and tried to add pictures that respect its copyrights.

Overall, I tried to make a faithful representation to what my mind had gone through when writing this essay. There was a mixture of critical thinking, questioning and brainstorming which allowed me to brainstorm and create a coherent essay.


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