Almost Famous

For this assignment of recreating a movie scene, I decided to update the movie poster of the movie “Almost Famous”.

Below is the movie poster I used for my inspiration:

Flickr- “Almsot famous soundtrack” by Trish Keenan

This poster is the most similar I could find on Flickr. The original movie poster just has the title written on the sunglasses in white.

At the beginning of this assignment, I encountered trouble in actually choosing the movie. As I do not watch often movies or series I do not know many of them. As a result, I decided to do some research on the movie posters that were created on well-known movies.

As I was looking through them, I wanted to recreate several that I found very esthetically pleasing. However, I realised that the props needed would be very complex. If I tried to recreate, we would see no similarity between the movie poster and my work.

As a result, I took a fairly simple movie poster. Even though only sunglasses are used as a prop, I encountered difficulties in obtaining the right expression on my face. I also had to adjust the lighting which was not easy.

After several attempts, I decided to make the picture above my final product. I just edited the picture by adding the title of the movie on the sunglasses. One of the major reasons for me editing this picture was to somehow hide the reflection that can be seen in the sunglasses.

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