A poem

For this assignment, “A Human Development”, I created this quote: “If I deserve nothing, You don’t know enough to believe in the worth of anybody”. I find that throughout anyone’s life, there is bound to be someone who brings us down and does not appreciate us for our worth. Thus, this quote challenges these people who devalues others.

As I know I do not have advanced artistry skills, I decided to draw simple elements such as leaves which I relate to Nature. There are also feathers and butterflies. For me, the butterfly signifies a second chance or a transformation as it has 2 stages: the caterpillar and the butterfly. I think that feathers, through their weightlessness, take the time to settle down through the wing but always find their way someplace which is what I believe some people do in their lives. In addition, the lucky charm, the clover, brings positive emotions to people which goes along with the quote. Furthermore, I color coded the words between them where the color that they are circled by links them even more as where the red represents the negativity and the pink the positivity.

This assigment allowed me to develop my critical thinking as I had to rething the context of the piece of the literature. I had to read several times a same page in order to find patterns and connect words between them in order to create a coherent quote that was meaningful for me. I believe this assignment has engaged with my artistry skills where I had to incorporate drawing elements that would be linked to my quote. The piece in general had to be attractive to my audience in order to be read which is what I found to be the most challenging.

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